We invite you to participate in V Conference ‘Electronics – 2012’. Scientific and technical conference of young scientists ‘Electronics’ carries out annually starting from 2008. Organizers of a conference are lecturers and young scientists of the Electronic Faculty of National technical university of Ukraine ‘Kiev Polytechnic Institute’.

Objectives of the conference are:
1) Involvement of students, postgraduate students and young scientists to the active dialog in the field of electronics;
2) Discussion of both theoretical and practical researches;
3) Exchange of experience and training in academic discussion;
4) Publication of young scientist’s achievements.

There are 7 scientific sections, according to the Departments of the Electronic Faculty:
1. Acoustics and acoustoelectronics
2. Micro- and nanoelectronics
3. Physical and biomedical electronics
4. Electronic devices
5. Designing and manufacturing of electronic calculation devices
6. Conversion and microprocessor technology
7. Sound technique and registration of information

Publication of articles: presenting articles are published in conference proceedings of the conference ‘Electronics – 2012’. Materials by the previous years are offered on the site in chapter ‘Proceedings’. Best articles are published in the journal ‘Electronics and Communication’, which belongs to the list of transactions of the Highest Attestation Commission of Ukraine.

Contact e-mail: elconf@gmail.com
Conference website: http://fel.kpi.ua/elconf