Dear IEEE Volunteer,

I’m sure you know that on February 24, the President of Russia Putin started a military invasion to Ukraine, that is a blatant act of aggression on a neighboring democratic country

The Russian army strikes, including on civilians, on residential areas. This is an attack not only on Ukraine, but on those values and freedoms that I am sure all IEEE members of your Section share with us.

Your IEEE members have attended our IEEE conferences in Ukraine, we have attended yours. This year we planned to organize a number of IEEE conferences that your members could attend or planned to attend. Unfortunately now their organization is impossible, all our IEEE volunteers are now busy – defense, helping the army and civilians. They do what they can.

Also I ask you to do everything you can do:

1 – Your Section can make an open statement about the strict disapproval of the Russian military aggression, a call for peace and a freeze of IEEE activities and Membership in Russia.

2 – Please contact IEEE and IEEE Region 8 – where is their public reaction and strict disapproval of Russia’s aggression?

3 – Many IEEE members in Russia do not support the war. But they are scared, for any objections or even mention of the word “war” they are sent to prison. They need a signal from the IEEE. IEEE should freeze activities and membership in Russia. This is another argument for IEEE members in Russia why Putin’s military aggression is bad for Russia.
Please pay attention to IEEE and IEEE Region 8 on this.

4 – If you can please support Ukrainian Army, this is official bank account:

5 – If Ukrainians in your country collect medical supplies and things for refugees, please help them in any way you can.

6 – Contact the members of your IEEE Section, spread the call for support of Ukraine and help us to stop the war.

Thank you!

Best regards,
IEEE Ukraine Section