MGA Operation Manual, Section 9D: The Section affairs shall be managed by an Executive Committee (ExCom) consisting of the elected officers. The number of voting members elected must be at least one greater than those appointed. Chapter and Affinity Group chairs, as elected by their membership, are considered “elected” official, as is the Past Section Chair.
All Chapters and Affinity Groups in the Section shall have voting representation either individually or collectively on the Section ExCom, and the Subsection Chairs shall be ex officio members with voting power
The IEEE Ukraine Section Executive Committee consists of:
– Section Operation Committee (Chair, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Immediate Past Section Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) as Voting Elected Members;
– Chapters and Affinity Groups Chairs (or representatives) as Voting Elected Members;
– Standing Committees Chairs as Non-voting Appointed Members;
– Section Student Activities Chair and a Section Student Representative as Voting Appointed Members.


Chair: Felix Yanovsky
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Ievgen “Eugene” Pichkalov
Past Chair: Ievgen “Eugene” Pichkalov
Secretary: Mikhail Balaban
Treasurer: Iryna Ivasenko


IEEE Ukraine Section (West) AP/ED/MTT/EP/SSC Societies Joint Chapter: Mykhaylo Melnyk
IEEE Ukraine Section (East) AP/MTT/ED/AES/GRS/NPS Societies Joint Chapter: Kateryna Arkhypova
IEEE Ukraine Section (Kyiv) ED/MTT/EP/COM/SSC Societies Joint Chapter: Hanna Porieva
IEEE Ukraine Section IE/PE/PEL Societies Joint Chapter: Vadym Makarov
IEEE Ukraine Section (Kharkiv) SP/AP/C/EMC/COM Societies Joint Chapter: Oleksandr Dumin
IEEE Ukraine Section CAS/IM/C/MTT Societies Joint Chapter: Mariya Antyufeyeva
IEEE Ukraine Section PHO Society Chapter: Andre Degtyarev
IEEE Ukraine Section IM/CIS Societies Joint Chapter: Pavlo Bykovyy
IEEE Ukraine Section SP/AES Societies Joint Chapter: Kseniia Semenova
IEEE Ukraine Section EMB Society Chapter: Sergey Krivenko
IEEE Ukraine Section Young Professionals Affinity Group: Kseniia Semenova
IEEE Ukraine Section COM Society Chapter: Mykhaylo Klymash
IEEE Ukraine Section PE/IE/IA Societies Joint Chapter: Vadym Makarov
IEEE Ukraine Section Women in Engineering Affinity Group: Kseniia Semenova
IEEE Ukraine Section IT Society Chapter: Volodymyr Barannik
IEEE Ukraine Section Nanotechnology Council Chapter: Mikhail Balaban


Section Student Activities Chair: Kateryna Ivanko
Section Student Representative:
Membership Development Chair: Kateryna Arkhypova
Conference Coordination Chair:
Education and Professional Activities Chair:
Website and Electronics Communication Chair:
Chapters Coordination Chair: Mykhaylo Andriychuk
Humanitarian Activities Chair:
Industry and Partnership Activities Chair: Ksenia Semenova
Historical Activities Chair: Alexander Nosich
Awards and Recognition Chair: Alexander Nosich
Blockchain Group Chair: