IEEE benefits: SIGHT, Humanitarian and EPICS

You can find links to some useful IEEE programs below. If you would like to submit a project, please contact the IEEE Ukraine Section at the beginning.

Sight projects web page: 
The RAS Humanitarian projects,  
Call for Proposals: RAS Humanitarian Projects – IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (
The PES humanitarian Projects, 
Humanitarian Activities – IEEE PES Day 2022 (
The EPICS l possibilities Resources – EPICS in IEEE

Invitation from Professor Karabchevsky from Ben-Gurion University

Професор Карабчевськa з Університету Бен-Гуріона, приймає до своєї групи українських магістрантів і докторантів, щоб допомогти в цей жахливий час і допоможе з дозволом на в’їзд. Будь ласка, перейдіть на її веб-сайт або зверніться безпосередньо до

IEEE Czechoslovakia Section Message

Шановні члени IEEE України!

Ми дуже переймаємося ситуацією, в яку ви потрапили в результаті жахливого нападу на вашу країну. Ми віримо в перемир’я і сподіваємося, що страждання українського народу припиниться.

І Чехія, і Словаччина допомагають усім українцям, які шукають притулку в наших країнах. Чехословацька секція IEEE пропонує допомогу вам, вашим родинам, колегам та знайомим. Ми можемо допомогти завдяки контактам з установами в галузі електротехніки та інформатики в наших країнах. Вони могли б допомогти вам організувати роботу або навчання в цій галузі, хоча б лише тимчасово.

На даний момент ми інтенсивно ведемо переговори з університетами та різними компаніями, оцінюємо їх можливості та пропозиції, що могли б вас зацікавити. Звичайно, ми готові допомогти і поза цими рамками. Але, оскільки наша діяльність обмежена галузями електротехніки та інформатики, ми, як чехословацька секція, зосередимося в першу чергу на допомозі саме в цих сферах.

Підтримаємо всіх, кому буде необхідна допомога.

Будь ласка, зв’яжіться з нами електронною поштою:

Або через Facebook:

Ми будемо оновлювати інформацію на сторінці у Facebook.

Ми з вами!

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

[URGENT ACTION] Call for Support of Ukraine

Dear IEEE Volunteer,

I’m sure you know that on February 24, the President of Russia Putin started a military invasion to Ukraine, that is a blatant act of aggression on a neighboring democratic country

The Russian army strikes, including on civilians, on residential areas. This is an attack not only on Ukraine, but on those values and freedoms that I am sure all IEEE members of your Section share with us.

Your IEEE members have attended our IEEE conferences in Ukraine, we have attended yours. This year we planned to organize a number of IEEE conferences that your members could attend or planned to attend. Unfortunately now their organization is impossible, all our IEEE volunteers are now busy – defense, helping the army and civilians. They do what they can.

Also I ask you to do everything you can do:

1 – Your Section can make an open statement about the strict disapproval of the Russian military aggression, a call for peace and a freeze of IEEE activities and Membership in Russia.

2 – Please contact IEEE and IEEE Region 8 – where is their public reaction and strict disapproval of Russia’s aggression?

3 – Many IEEE members in Russia do not support the war. But they are scared, for any objections or even mention of the word “war” they are sent to prison. They need a signal from the IEEE. IEEE should freeze activities and membership in Russia. This is another argument for IEEE members in Russia why Putin’s military aggression is bad for Russia.
Please pay attention to IEEE and IEEE Region 8 on this.

4 – If you can please support Ukrainian Army, this is official bank account:

5 – If Ukrainians in your country collect medical supplies and things for refugees, please help them in any way you can.

6 – Contact the members of your IEEE Section, spread the call for support of Ukraine and help us to stop the war.

Thank you!

Best regards,
IEEE Ukraine Section

IEEE Ukraine Section Election 2021

Dear IEEE Ukraine Section members,

The Section Nominating Committee is soliciting nominations for the following ExCom positions:
– IEEE Ukraine Section Vice Chair/Chair Elect 2022-2023 (will serve as 2024-2025 Chair and as 2026-2027 Past Chair)
– IEEE Ukraine Section Secretary 2022-2023
– IEEE Ukraine Section Treasurer 2022-2023

The 2020-2021 Section Chair and 2020-2021 Section Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect cannot participate in the 2021 Section Elections. They will automatically take the positions of 2022-2023 Section Past Chair and 2022-2023 Section Chair, respectively.

Please find all blanks and deadlines on follow link:

Please find below election deadlines:
– Call for Nominations: July 15, 2021 – September 4, 2021
– Receiving of the petition candidates: September 6, 2021 – October 6, 2021
– Candidates slate finalization: October 17, 2021
– Electronic voting using v-Tools will take place: November 17, 2021 – November 21, 2021
– Informing all members about Election Results: November 22, 2021

Please submit your suggestions/nominations by filling the Biography_Blank and sent it to
Ballot preparation will start when candidates slate will be finalized. After the candidatures are received and accepted, this information will be sent by email to all voting members of the IEEE Ukraine Section before November 1, 2021. IEEE members will vote electronically using the IEEE vTools system.

Best regards,
IEEE Ukraine Section Nomination Committee
Mykhaylo Andriychuk, Oleksandr Dumin, Sergey Krivenko

Update January 2021: IEEE Finance Committee Memo to IEEE Volunteers on Travel

Dear Fellow IEEE Volunteers,

Due to the travel restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the IEEE travel policy remains unchanged from 2020 and is restricted to mission critical travel only.  This policy was last communicated/updated by Joe Lillie, 2020 IEEE Treasurer on 26 October 2020.  The intent of this process is to promote safe travel for IEEE Volunteers; therefore, this applies to ALL IEEE VOLUNTEER TRAVEL, including conferences.

As a reminder, the current IEEE travel guidance includes the following:

1. All IEEE Volunteer travel and associated meetings must adhere to all appropriate guidance from cognizant local public health authorities.

2. Given continuing global pandemic risk, only mission critical travel should be conducted at this time.

3.  All requests for reimbursable mission critical IEEE volunteer travel must be pre-approved at the IEEE Volunteer OU President/Vice-President level (TAB Vice President, MGA Vice President, PSPB Vice President, EAB Vice President. Awards Board Chair, Standards Board President and the IEEE-USA President).

OU Presidents/Vice-Presidents may delegate this authority to another volunteer, but should ensure that travel is reviewed to ensure that it is critical, necessary, effective and that other alternatives have been considered.

4. Volunteers engaged in mission critical IEEE travel at this time voluntarily elect to participate in the activity with knowledge of the dangers involved, and are agreeing to accept and assume any and all risks of property damage, personal injury, or death associated with IEEE related travel. Volunteers should understand that IEEE will not indemnify them for any health risk or economic or other loss resulting from exposure to COVID-19 during travel.

5. IEEE will not reimburse costs associated with mandatory or self-quarantine or isolation associated with IEEE volunteer travel. If there is a risk of quarantine on entering or departing an area, IEEE volunteers should instead plan to participate virtually using IEEE video and teleconferencing tools.  

6. IEEE continues to provide video-conferencing, tele-conferencing and online meeting facilities to provide alternatives to high-risk travel.

7. Domestic and International rules remain fluid and subject to change. Until further notice, volunteers should take steps to ensure that travel arrangements are flexible and subject to change, credit or refund if plans are disrupted, in accordance with previously issued IEEE guidance.

8. IEEE recommends that If you have any questions, please contact your OU staff business solutions manager or OU volunteer leadership. Further communication will be sent when normal travel plans can be resumed.

Please stay safe and thank you for your assistance and understanding in these difficult times.

Best Wishes,

Mary Ellen Randall

IEEE Treasurer
MOVE Community Outreach Program Director

IEEE Ukraine Section Conferences Volunteers Application Form

Dear IEEE Ukraine Section Member,

IEEE Ukraine Section and Section Subunits (Chapters, Affinity Groups, Student Branches and Student Branch Chapters) invite you to apply for volunteer positions of IEEE Conferences:

Each IEEE Conference must have at least 4 main Volunteers: the Chair of the Organizing Committee, the Chair of the Technical Program Committee, the Treasurer, and the Publication Chair. All main volunteers are appointed by the IEEE organizers. Volunteers organize their work according to the requirements of the IEEE organizers.

From 2021, the Chair of the Organizing Committee must be an IEEE member. From 2022, the TPC Chair also must be an IEEE member. From 2023-2024, IEEE membership is also mandatory for the Treasurer, and the Publication Chair.

Please note that volunteer operations are time consuming. Ministers, deputy ministers, directors of institutes, rectors and presidents of universities, deans of faculties etc are strongly not recommended to submit their candidacies. These volunteer positions are created for those who perform operation, not honorary functions.

There may be the Honorary Conference Chair and / or the Honorary Host Chair (from Host Venue). These positions are representative and do not need decision-making or operation actions.

After considering, IEEE Conference volunteers will receive an IEEE organizers approval and all approved main volunteers will undergo a short training. Based on the results of the Conference, the OrgCom Chair will report to the Section Executive Committee. Based on results, some volunteers may receive permission to perform their conference functions for a period of more then one conference.

Best regards,
IEEE Ukraine Section OpCom

Congratulations! Formation of the IEEE V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Student Branch

Dear Bohdan Krechko, 

We are pleased to advise you that as of 31 December 2020, you have received approval to form the VN Karazin Kharkiv National University Student Branch. We are excited for you and look forward to working with you as one of our new Student Branch leaders! The formal notification and the congratulatory letter will be distributed shortly. Please feel free to begin your activities immediately.

Student Branch Chairperson Email:

Best regards,
Petition Processing Staff
IEEE Member Operations, MGA