• Chair: Olexiy Roshchupkin
  • Vice Chair: Vladyslav Shults
  • Secretary: Orest Kochan
  • Treasurer: Kostantyn Kovalok
  • Counselor: Anatoly Sachenko

Website of Ternopil National Economic University:

The IEEE Student Branch was founded in 1998 at the Ternopil National Economic University with the assigned number 60581. It consists of students from the Department of Information Computer Systems and Control (IC2S) as well as PhD students. The IC2S Dept was created in 1989 in a base of the Branch Research Lab for Automated Systems and Networks founded in 1984. The IC2S Dept provides teaching. the national and foreign undergraduate and graduate students in Computer Science and Project Management with programs in both Ukrainian and English. The last one is coordination by the American Ukrainian School of Computer Science.

The Research Institute for Intelligent Computer Systems(ICS) was created in 2004 on a base of the Branch Research Lab above. Research Activities of ICS are carrying out within the following Research Groups: Intelligent Sensor Data Acquisition, Intelligent Robotic Systems, Knowledge Base and Ontology, Intelligent Distributed Systems & Cyber Security, Neural Networks and Parallel Computing, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Wireless Systems Security, IT and Specialized Computer Systems, Information Security, Cybernetics of Complex Systems and Project Management. Most of Student Branch students are involved into ICS activities within international and national projects conducting according to Frame 6(Horizon 2020), CRDF,NATO, NSF, STCU Programs as well as bilateral projects.

The IEEE TNEU Student Branch is working closely with the IEEE I&M/CIS Chapter.